POKI 10000mah White

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  • The Best Looking Portable Charger. Ultra Slim and lightweight, weighs only 7.7 ounces, it is 30% lighter than batteries of the same power capacity.
  • Powered by Lepow S+ for SAFETY: 1. Safety performance increases up to 90% with lithium polymer batteries. 2. Smart Chip technology has two-way protection between the devices and charger. 3. The layer encasing the battery is 20% thicker than other brands and allows for 100% protection.
  • Powered by Lepow S+ for SMART: 1. Intelligent control optimally charges your phone. For example, it can charge up the iPhone 5 to 50% full in only 40 minutes. 2. It intelligently adapts to any devices’ charging intake capacity. 3. It is perfectly compatible with almost all mobile devices.
  • Powered by Lepow S+ for STRONG: Up to 90% of the conversion rate on the circuit board end and a high density lithium polymer battery provide you with as much as 1000 charging life cycles.
  • Powered by Lepow S+ for SPEED: Fastest charging output in the industry. Designed to charge compatible devices to their optimal maximum current, it provides you with the experience of the fastest charging as if using an adapter.

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